Our Pastor

Dr. Frank E. 0_0_0_0_179_258_csupload_53401248Thompson|Senior Pastor/Founder

Pastor Frank E. Thompson is a native of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He gave his life to Christ over 40 years ago. His life experiences have allowed him to be sensitive to the needs of God’s people. He has overcome many obstacles, which have allowed his experiences to enhance his teaching. With compassion, courage, and commitment he shares with men and women the biblical fundamentals and personal examples to be successful. Pastor Frank is always encouraging, knowing that there is nothing too hard for God!

Educated as a Human Resources Specialist, he has held positions in some of the top organizations in the country. He has taught Leadership Training and Customer Service to thousands. God has placed a special anointing on his life to care for God’s people. This facilitator, author, visionary, and humble servant believes that there is nothing to hard for God. He teaches determination and faith, while he imparts a “Never Quit” attitude among all who meet him.
Senior Pastor’s Email: trueworship2@msn.com