Youth Ministry | Sis. Ayana Spears
We are fortunate in this regard to have a very active Youth Ministry. It reaches young people between the ages of 12-21, where they are divided into groups with their own individual counselors to target specific topics suitable to them.IMG_0588

The Men of Judah (Men’s Ministries) | Dr. Frank Thompson
(407) 521-7000
All men ages 21 and over are encouraged to participate in the men’s ministry. The purpose of this ministry is to empower the men to take possession and regain the dominion that was given to him in the beginning.


The Lydia Women (Women’s Ministries) | Elect Lady Chenice Thompson
(407) 521-7000
This ministry supports all women; Married Women, Single Women (Something Unique), IGNI, Young Adults
( Ages 18 – 25 ), Mature Women (Ages 51 and up).WOC_WomensMinistryBanner31016

Warriors of Worship (Music Ministry) | Min. Marcus Barton
Thursdays 730pm – 9:30pm
(407) 521-7000
This ministry is designed to teach and train musicians and singers to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. The ministry sets the atmosphere weekly for the rich Word of God to come forth and impart into the lives of every individual that will hear what the Spirit says to the church!

Kids of the Kingdom (Children’s Ministry) | Sister Andrea Jackson, Leader
Join us on the second, third, and fourth Sundays for Children’s Church where you will engage in exciting Bible lessons, songs, and activities just for children aged 5-11. We practice skits and plays for Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Black History and other events; so be there to seize your opportunity to perform with the AWC Kids of the Kingdom Children’s Ministry.

Altar Ministry | Evangelist Hermia Kerr
The purpose of this ministry is designed to provide assistance and comfort to people who come to receive prayer and baptism.

Vision Screen & Audio Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to ensure everyone enjoys and is able to see the praise text, faith confessions and scriptures on the screen. This ministry also provides excellence in sound so that the Word of God, music and announcements are heard with clarity and excellence.

Food & Beverage Ministry + Ministry of Kindness | Sis Debra Bluntson, Leader
The purpose of this ministry is to make sure food is prepared, hot and ready and on time for Pastor, Lady Chenice, special guest and the ministry for all Special Events as needed. This ministry also provides special care to members that have experienced bereavement, postpartum and hospitalization care should circumstance deem necessary.

Greeters and Hospitality Ministry | Sis Lisa Clarke, Leader
The purpose of this ministry is to greet people as they enter the doors with compassion of Jesus.

Intercessory Prayer Warriors Ministry | Sis Janice Niles
The purpose of this ministry is to cover our Pastor, Elect Lady, First family, staff, ministry and the needs of our members in prayer. To intercede on behalf of others for God’s will to be done.

AWC Genesis Club (Nursery) | Sis. Robyn Gallimore, Leader0_0_0_0_185_185_csupload_62099077_large
The purpose of this ministry is to provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere for children ages 6 weeks to four (4) years old, to cover them in prayer and minister to them at their level. Our teachers who serve this ministry are qualified and background screened.

Member Services | Sis. Liz Williams

Pathway2Wholeness (Health Ministry)

Sis Lisa Clarke, Health Ambassador

The purpose of this ministry is to identify the needs of the community and to provide education on various health issues. We believe that we are a three-part whole and that it is important to take care of the body, soul and the spirit. When we are healthy in all areas, everything about our lives improves.

P2W Newsletter Final 11-3-17

Food Pantry 

We distribute 3 days per week. Our clients are required to sign in and schedule appointments.