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Lady Chenice Thompson was born and reared in Orlando, Florida. The oldest of three daughters. She gave her life to Christ over 26 years ago. Lady Chenice is a woman of God who loves the Lord and trust in him with all her heart. She has served with the Hospitality / Usher’s Ministry, Leadership in Women’s Ministry, Youth Leadership, and more. This humble servant has faced rejection by being told “You won’t make it”, only to grow stronger in her faith in God. She has “proved” him for results. Her phrase for life is…
“If you’re going to worry, don’t trust God; but, If you’re going to trust God, don’t worry.”

An educator by profession… graduate of The University of Central Florida with a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education. She served (taught) in the public school system for over 22 years. Teacher certified with the Florida Child Development Association. Director credentials of Child Care for the State of Florida. The Executive Director of The Apostolic Worship Child Development and Youth Central an alternative program for suspended students. Her passion is to educate, inspire, motivate and empower young girls and women of all ages to achieve their dreams and discover their God given talents as well as helping at-risk students succeed in life.

She is the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of EChe’ International, LLC an Interior Decorating /Consulting Business and Founder of Women of Power and Success, a ministry for women called to lead, serve, and set examples in all walks of life. Her mission is to educate girls and empower women to live the life they dream. (www.echenicethompson.com)

She gracefully walks beside her husband in the Ministry of Excellence. Pastor, Dr. Frank E. and Lady E.Chenice reside in the beautiful city of Ocoee, Florida and together have four adult children and six grandchildren.